Source code for synphot.exceptions

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
"""Exceptions specific to synthetic photometry."""

__all__ = ['SynphotError', 'TableFormatError', 'DuplicateWavelength',
           'ZeroWavelength', 'UnsortedWavelength', 'OverlapError',
           'PartialOverlap', 'DisjointError', 'UndefinedBinset',
           'IncompatibleSources', 'InterpolationNotAllowed',

[docs]class SynphotError(Exception): """Base class for synphot exceptions.""" pass
[docs]class TableFormatError(SynphotError): """Exceptions to do with table access. Parameters ---------- msg : str Error message. rows : list of int, optional Row numbers where exception occured. """ def __init__(self, msg, rows=None): super(TableFormatError, self).__init__(msg) # Save rows with wrong values as an attribute so calling code # can access it directly self.rows = rows # Also make this info go into the visibly displayed message in # Python 2.7 (self.args) and Python 2.5/6 (self.message) args = list(self.args) args.append('Invalid entries at or about row: {0}'.format(rows)) self.args = tuple(args) self.message = self.args
[docs]class DuplicateWavelength(TableFormatError): """Duplicate wavelengths are not allowed in table.""" pass
[docs]class ZeroWavelength(TableFormatError): """Zero wavelengths are not allowed in table.""" pass
[docs]class UnsortedWavelength(TableFormatError): """Unsorted wavelengths are not allowed in table.""" pass
[docs]class OverlapError(SynphotError): """Exceptions to do with overlap checking.""" pass
[docs]class PartialOverlap(OverlapError): """Partial overlap is not allowed.""" pass
[docs]class DisjointError(OverlapError): """Disjoint data is not allowed.""" pass
[docs]class UndefinedBinset(SynphotError): """Exceptions for undefined bin set.""" pass
[docs]class IncompatibleSources(SynphotError): """Two sources in composite spectrum are not compatible.""" pass
[docs]class InterpolationNotAllowed(SynphotError): """Exceptions for interpolation.""" pass
[docs]class ExtrapolationNotAllowed(SynphotError): """Exceptions for extrapolation.""" pass