synphot.specio.read_fits_spec(filename, ext=1, wave_col='WAVELENGTH', flux_col='FLUX', wave_unit=Unit('Angstrom'), flux_unit=Unit('FLAM'))[source]

Read FITS spectrum.

Wavelength and flux units are extracted from respective TUNITn keywords, from data table (not primary) header. If these keywords are not present, units are taken from wave_unit and flux_unit instead.

filenamestr or file pointer

Spectrum file name or pointer.

ext: int

FITS extension with table data. Default is 1.

wave_col, flux_colstr

Wavelength and flux column names (case-insensitive).

wave_unit, flux_unitstr or Unit

Wavelength and flux units. These are no longer used. Define your units in the respective TUNITn keywords in table (not primary) header.

Deprecated since version 1.4.


Primary header only. Extension header is discarded.

wavelengths, fluxesQuantity

Wavelength and flux of the spectrum.